Our Business Scope
  • Hardware Repairs (Service Centers and Onsite)
    • We have been a hardware repair outsource partners for various Multinational brands for many years.
    • In this arrangement, we perform Bench and Onsite Repairs for In Warranty and Out of Warranty equipment for the brand owners.
    • The equipment include Servers, PCs, Notebooks, Tablets, MFP and Printers.
    • Feel free to contact us for a proposal if you organization has plans to outsource repair services.
  • Products and Accessories Sales, Service Parts Distribution and Authorized Parts Partner for
    HP Enterprise, HP Inc. and Lenovo
    • Our company is an authorized reseller for HP and Lenovo products.
    • We have been a Master Parts Reseller for HP Products since 2000. As a HP PartsOne Partner, we carry Certified HP Genuine Replacement Parts (CHPGRP).
    • If you have invested in a HP product, protect your investment when it comes to parts replacements.
  • Trade-In Trade-Up and pre-owned IT System Sales
    • If you plan to upgrade your IT hardware and your equipment are in working condition, feel free to talk to us about Trade-in Trade-up programs. We offer trade-in and trade-up for selected models of old Servers, PCs and notebooks.
  • Comprehensive Hardware Maintenance Contract
    • We provide comprehensive hardware maintenance services. A customer can purchase maintenance packages for various brands of IT equipment. These include servers, printers, PCs and notebooks.
  • Hardware Relocation and Mass Deployment Services
    • Organization changes such as taking on a new lease and shifting to a new site involve many activities including IT. There are pre-shift renovation and site preparation. Then there are the physical move and re-commissioning of all systems at the new site with minimum downtime.
    • Equipment like rack mounted servers, PCs, notebooks, printers will need to be shut down, cables un-plugged, un-racked and boxed up before the shift. They will then be re-wired, powered up, re-join the new network and re-commissioned at the new site.
    • Feel free to call us if you require such services.
  • Resident Engineer and User Desk Side Engineer Services
    • If you require IT technical resources, our Resident Engineers and Desk side Engineer Services can help our customers to manage their IT infrastructure cost effectively.
    • We can customize a package where our technical engineers will be stationed at your location on selected days of a week and at selected time slots to perform tasks such as server system administrations, maintenance and upgrades, end user PC/Notebook error resolution and add-on hardware (e.g. RAM upgrades).
    • Feel free to call us to discuss how this can benefit your organization.
  • Hardware Life Cycle Management
    • We provide a comprehensive hardware life cycle management for our customers. The Hardware Life Cycle Management is a “cradle to grave” management process for your IT equipment.
    • We will have a team of experienced staff to perform equipment relocations/re-assignment to employees, hardware and software upgrades, equipment obsolescence and retirements for your organization. This service allows our customers to save time and cost without the need to build such resources in-house.
  • Backfill and Relief Engineers
    • For large organizations with a team of full time IT staff, there may be times when manpower is short due to a variety of reasons such as the employees going on leave, on medical, on training or on other project assignments.
    • This is where our Backfill & Relief Engineers Services can add value. In this arrangement, our customers would have suitably qualified and trained backups to perform the tasks when their own full time staff are temporarily absent.
    • Feel free to contact us for a discussion on how we can assist your organization in this area.
  • Project-based IT Manpower Solutions
    • Planning for a deployment project with tight deadline? Shortage of resources to handle ad-hoc IT assignments? We provide project based manpower solutions. These include contract staffing, event based resource secondment and per incident resource mobilization. Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can assist your organization to undertake ad-hoc or resource intensive projects.
  • Supply Chain Management
    • We provide integrated supply chain services and have > 6000 sq. ft. of warehouse space fully secured with biometrics entry access, physical locks, 24x7 intrusion detection with monitoring, CCTV and 24-hour manned security.
    • Utilizing a comprehensive Inventory Management System with customized modules, we are capable of micro level inventory management including Product No. , Serial No. and Part No.
    • If you have activities such as IMAC-D, Tech Refresh, Mass Hardware Deployment, Mass Hardware Retirement, etc.; and need secured warehousing, inventory management, transport and trucking, please speak with us.
  • System Integration Services
    • We offer a full suite of system integration services for your IT infrastructure. Our services include:
      • Internet connection solutions
      • Network solutions, firewall security & Wi-Fi
      • Server installations and Operating System configurations
      • PC, Notebook, Printers, MFP & peripherals setup and configurations
      • Anti-virus, Emails, Backup & various software installations.

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